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Liliane Grace, creative writing, author, keynote speaker, The Mastery Club 

Don Tolman, The Champion Series, Liliane Grace, The Boy Who Found His PulseDon Tolman, The Champion Series, The Boy Who Found His PulseDon Tolman is known as the Indiana Jones of whole foods. His understanding of ancient teachings about the body, the mind and the cosmos itself have assisted many people in restoring their health, even when they were facing dire prognoses like never walking again or even imminent death.

Don discovered his life purpose at the age of eight and persisted for 17 years, despite ongoing frustration, until he finally succeeded in his quest - find out how in The Boy Who Found His Pulse, our picture book that pays tribute to his inspiring life.

This glossy, full-colour, 44-page book is available for purchase at our secure Online Store.

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