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I was sitting in a business breakfast yesterday morning listening to the famous Beechworth Baker, Tom O’Toole (who is both very inspiring and very entertaining), when he asked the audience the following question: ‘What is success for you?’ and suddenly I realised that, where business was concerned, I had been defining success as something that was still to come.

Immediately I decided to change that definition so that success no longer has to do with book sales (in the future) or number of Mastery Club programs being run (in the future) or number of Facilitators teaching programs (in the future) or number of my writings published (in the future).


I decided to make success something I could absolutely and utterly tick off each and every day. Something that was vitally important to me – in fact, so important that if I didn’t achieve it today and tomorrow and the next day, those other definitions of success had about as much chance of being realised as the proverbial snowball in hell.

I decided to focus on the one factor that has been letting me down, and, coincidentally the very reason that I am building The Mastery Club® business.

The factor? My self-talk. It’s the most powerful and critical element in achieving anything we want to achieve, and I’ve been drawn to write my book and create my program because we teach what we most need to learn... But lately I’ve been far too reactive to appearances and have been letting my past dictate my future far too much. My treasured Mastermind buddies, Georgia Ellis and Cheryl (Chez) Pollock have picked me up on this a number of times over the last few months. It’s a very squirmy feeling to realise that you are not walking your very public talk…

It’s time for me to nail that lesson and move on to the next one!

My decision? I can focus on speaking and thinking consciously for one day at a time, and if I do, that is success for that day. Naturally, enough of those day-at-a-time-successes and all my big future goals are in the bag.

So what is success to me? Conscious, responsible talk TODAY that affirms possibility, trust, gratitude and abundance.

What is it for you???


0 # Guest 2014-12-04 11:45
thank YOU for the very timley rmeinder re two things:
1. self talk and its uber-importance and massive impact...
2. success = a daily affair

inspiring you are .... thank you for being in my existence!

xx :lol:
0 # Guest 2014-12-04 12:40
Thank you for this feedback! So glad my message resonated with you.
I was actually just thinking this morning that I would love to set up a 15 minute 6 am Monday morning Mastery Club conference call where participants can declare some very useful affirmations together and set intentions for the day. Just need to figure out the right technology for it as I've been having challenges with various webinar services lately... Does the idea appeal?
0 # Guest 2014-12-04 13:04
Good comments Liliane. Success can and should be a personal thing, not judged against other people's desires and achievements. For me, it's when I reach the goals that I set - smaller ones with the larger ones in view, towards the largest.
0 # Guest 2014-12-04 13:07
Thanks, Elizabeth. Indeed! I think Bob Proctor defines success as the successive achievements of worthwhile goals - ie they are personally meaningful.
0 # Guest 2014-12-05 17:09
Very though provoking, I also have been putting myself in the future with my self talk. I shall be more aware.
Success for me is realising my NOW, because everything right NOW is perfect, although remembering this can be difficult in our busy world. So success is really just remembering who I am, and being that. X

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