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Liliane Grace, creative writing, author, keynote speaker, The Mastery Club 

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I'm often moved to write articles on one of my favourite topics, and sometimes on unexpected subjects. Use the top menu structure or the links here to navigate to articles of interest, or try 'Other' for pot luck. Check back regularly as new articles are added (to say nothing of blog posts and stories, and even plays...). And I do appreciate feedback.

Free samples!

If you'd like to empower young people via an entertaining story OR write your own stuff OR transform bullying at school/home/work, help yourself to one or all of these:

1. The first 4 chapters of my personal development novel, The Mastery Club.

2. A 10-page report on 'Busting the Talent Myth and Overcoming Writer’s Block'.

3. An article and strategy for 'Transforming Bullying by Drilling Communication Skills in Schools'.

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